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Off-shoring to the East: A Threat to Business Data?

In a 12 month undercover investigation Channel 4 (UK) could prove that Indian call center staff sold credit card data. In a similar incident one year ago,reported on CNET, an employee of Indian call centre Saffron was arrested.

Meanwhile companies from Germany report an increase in fraudulent product orders (Der Spiegel, 38/2006, 18.09.2006). The obvoius aim is either to cash in quickly on money and presents – or to pirate German car parts and IT goods.

The question arises if off-shoring to the East could be a self-killing business strategy instead of a quick road to cheaper products and services. Time will tell, but authorities and businesses in the East are being closely watched if they are showing leadership to achieve the level of trustworthiness that is required in global business.

Shockingly Low Conviction Rate in UK Child Porn Raids — Police Sued

…or: Why we don’t touch child porn on this site. We certainly condemn child porn. And of course it is highly likely that organised crime profit from child porn on the net in various ways. However, how the police are investigating this particular crime, and the fallout of these operations makes it an extremely difficult subject to deal with. The Scotsman reports, that in the UK, accused in child porn inquiry are to sue the police in a class action suit.

The UK’s “Operation Ore” was launched in 2002. The British police had been sent credit card details of 7,200 people by US detectives. These people were believed to have paid for child porn on the adult site “Landslide”. However, the group behind the legal action action claims, that that the police’s central claim – that everyone entering the site had to go through a banner marked “click here (for) child porn” – was false. Further the group claims to have detected evidence of major credit-card fraud – essentially that crooks were using other people’s credit card details to log into the site. And the group obviously has evidence to prove that.

The “Operation Ore” was not really a successful operation: of the 7,200 suspeccts, “more than 2,000 people have been convicted” – which leads to a staggering number of 5,000 people who had been investigated, some of them falsely arrested, with all the consequences of losing jobs and marriages. In the US, according to the Scotsman, police were operating a bit more subtle, arresting only carefully selected targets.