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Foreign intelligence agents hacking UK businesses, government warns []

Foreign intelligence agents hacking UK businesses, government warns reports

What has been on the radar for quite a while and often was attributed to organised crime seems now to be operated by Chinese, North Korean and former Sowiet secret services, if we are to believe the NISCC or the SANS institute. Whether or not US and UK government reports are actually substantial or just an expression of growing anglo-american xenophobia in a post-cold-war re-invention of cold war cannot be said with certainty.

However, one message is clear: whoever perpertrators are, organised crime, ex-communist or anlgo-american authorities, or just your competitor next door: keep your business secrets what they are: secrets. And beware of social engineering techniques, particularly when they are used by “friendly” forces.

It’s People, Stupid…

Finally companies seem to wake up and get their act together in response to IT security. ‘People and processes are more important than technology in securing the enterprise’ is the essence of the 3rd global survey of 4,000 information security professionals, carried out by (ISC)2.

It had been obvious for a long time, that very often people are the weakest link in IT security. Finally, IT professionals (and their bosses) seem to wake up.